Why is Healthy Digestion so important?

Are you aware that a healthy digestive system can not only help improve your mood, but also aid in development of your brain and physical well-being? There are 7 wonders of a happy tummy that help in the overall development of your baby. Your baby’s digestive system can do many things, but it needs to be carefully taken care of to fully enjoy the numerous benefits.

Learn all about the goodness of the digestive system inside out to give the best to your baby. They will love you for it!

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Why is Healthy Digestion so important?
Learn about the Gut and Gut Microbiota!
What does a Healthy Digestive System look like?
Easy steps to a Happy Tummy!

Your baby’s digestive system can do incredible wonders! The 7 wonders of a happy tummy work together to ensure the overall well-being of your little one so that he is happy, healthy and all ready to explore and engage with the world!

How are all these possible? Well, click on below and discover the incredible 7 wonders of a happy tummy!





Growth &

Source of
'Brain' Food


Comfy: Digestive Comfort

Your child's comfort means a great deal. A healthy gut like Comfy is a powerhouse for digestion and breaks down your baby's food into energy and nutrients more effectively.

With Comfy around, say goodbye to digestive troubles such as diarrhoea and colic, and more importantly, uncomfortable and sleepless nights!

Spongy: Nutrient Absorption

Having high absorption power like Spongy is a must for a healthy gut, as it will ensure that your little one gets all the necessary nutrients he needs.

Is your child getting all of the necessary nutrients?

Poope: Bowel Movement

With a healthy gut, your little one is able to enjoy regular bowel movement with soft stool consistency like Poope. The types of foods your baby eats can greatly change how Poope looks like!

In fact, your baby's daily bowel movement is a useful indicator about his overall health and also gut health. The clue's in the poop. What does your baby's poop say about his health?

Mr Defence: Natural Defences

Did you know that 70% of the immune cells live in the gut1?
Interestingly, the gut is also home to trillions of friendly bacteria (or healthy gut microbiota), thus helping Mr Defence to build your baby's strong natural defences against germs and infection.

1Data is based on healthy adult population. Furness JB, Kunze WA, Clerc N. Nutrient tasting and signalling mechanisms in the gut. II. The intestine as a sensory organ: neural, endocrine, and immune responses. AM J Physiol. 1999 Nov; 277 (5 Pt 1): G922-8

Growy: Growth and Development

The early years of your baby's life are important. It has the highest rate of growth and development in his entire lifetime!

A healthy gut absorbs key nutrients such as Iron and Calcium more effectively so that your little one can grow strong and tall like Growy! Are you feeding your baby with nutritious meals?

Brainy: Source of Brain 'Food'

Remember the first word your baby said? Your baby's brain is always growing like Brainy and it is important to get the right nutrients from the start. Fun Fact: His brain grows up to 4 times its size at birth, reaching nearly 80% of his adult weight by age 22. It's an amazing time when his mental development increases exponentially!

Brainy thrives when his favourite nutrients like DHA and ARA are more easily absorbed by a healthy gut. Start exploring your child's diet early!

2Dekaban AS. Ann Neurol. 1978 Oct,4(4):345-56


Did you know 90% of the body's serotonin, the 'feel-good' hormone, is produced in the gut3?
A healthy gut can help promote a positive day-to-day-mood, so that your little one can be bubbly and cheerful like Happi, ready to engage with the world!

3Data is based on healthy adult population. Baganz NL, Blakely RD. A dialogue between the immune system and brain, spoken in the language of Serotonin. ACS Chem Neurosci. 2013 Jan 16; 4(1):48-63

Is your Little One trying to tell you something about their digestion?

Some common digestive problems include:

  • Constipation Is your baby lacking fibre and water? Fruits, vegetables, and water are great for keeping your baby energized throughout the day.

  • Diarrhoea Is your baby's stool loose and watery? Minor cases of diarrhoea can cause dehydration, so ensure your baby is drinking lots of water!

  • Lactose Intolerance Your baby's gut might not be able to digest lactose, found in milk, well, which can cause mild discomfort. Keep in mind this is different from allergies! Ask your doctor for easy ways to manage the condition.

If these issues are happening to your baby, find out how you can supercharge his digestion with these easy tips here.

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